Youth Vendor Program

In order to encourage youth to participate in the Rockwood Farmers’ Market, tables are FREE for youth age 18 and under!
For younger youth vendors (up to age 12) we ask or a commitment of one hour minimum for at least 1 Market date, but you may come more! A parent must attend the Market with you.

For older youth vendors (age 12 and up), we ask that you stay for the duration of the market or until you sell out of your product, and that you commit to at least 3 Market dates, but you may come more!

We require at minimum 1week notice prior to your attendance at a Market, in order to ensure that we have a space for you.

Youth vendors may may sell any non-food item that they have made or produced.

If we already have a vendor booked to sell the same item you wish to sell, it may not be possible for us to also accommodate you with that product. In that case, we will work with you to develop another idea that does not overlap with products already being offered at the Market.

Youth Vendor Application Form